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Founder/CEO Melvina Smith

I understand how the thought of purchasing a home can seem impossible. As a young mother of four children, we moved 18 times in 19 years prior to owning our first home.  Each time we rented another home we paid multiple non-refundable application fees and had to sell our story due to poor credit.


I also remember how it felt to finally stop paying someone else's mortgage, appreciate good credit, and begin putting money into my own pocket by owning my own home!


With over 19 years of real estate, credit repair, and financial counseling experience, we will come alongside and guide you from renting to homeownership.


No more waiting, reach out today and let's get started!


Contact Us

Thank you for sharing your information.  This will help us to better serve you in your journey with Get The Keys, Inc.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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